HF / All Mode

Kenwood’s HF and All-mode products operate on the traditional HF bands from 1.8MHz to 29MHz plus the 50MHz band. Their latest models also cover the new allocations at 5MHz. This means that you’re sure to find world-wide coverage 24/7 whatever the frequency and radios in a range of sizes to suit any location. From the impressive flagship TS-990S with its 200 watts output, to the compact TS-480 which can fit into the smallest shack or HF mobile installation – whatever your needs, there’s a Kenwood HF radio to suit your HF challenge.

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Amateur Radio is a world-wide hobby and in many countries new operators start off with shorter range VHF/UHF radios. Operating on the shorter range VHF/UHF bands means using hand-held “portables” or vehicle-mounted mobile units. These smaller radios are ideal for keeping in touch with friends on the drive to work through your local repeater, or on-site at an Amateur / Ham Radio event; many operators also use our mobile radios from home as base-stations, making contacts direct or through repeaters.

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