TRA Approves PMR-446 Radios for License-Free Use in the UAE

All radios in the UAE require type approval (equipment registration) and an individual license (issued on the basis of the radio serial number) for legal use. Counterfeit and illegally operated radios put the end user at risk of large fines, particularly if they interfere with licensed frequency bands.

However, the UAE’s Telecommunication Regulatory has recently approved the use of license-free radios in the UAE. These Personal Mobile Radios in the 446 MHz band (known as PMR-446) can be legally used without a TRA license. However, they do require class authorization and type approval. Telelink Gulf has received class authorization and type approval for Kenwood’s excellent line up of PMR-446 radios which offer an affordable and convenient solution for many end-users.

PMR446 two-way radio communications offers free and unlimited calls with no subscription charges or licence applications to complete, which makes them ideal for applications where one to one or group voice communication is required over distances of up to 6km. You can choose between the pocket-sized PKT-23 , the business ready TK-3501 , or the ProTalk Digital TK-3401D

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